rotary unscrambling machine

Model No Production per hour
JPRU-120 8000

*The output of the machine depends on bottle geometry.

* Specification subject to change without prior notice.

Application: To Orient Plastic bottles



  • » Total CGMP model
  • » Frame Made from SS-structure.
  • » Sleek sturdy and compact design
  • » All controls from panel
  • » Left to right and right to left options available


  • » Fast changeover of change parts as per bottles.
  • » Special feature of Overload clutch, overload of turntable is available
  • » Rotary feeders feeds the bottle on the orienting device
  • » In orienting device, Only straight bottles are inverted using metal guide-rods/cams hence all bottles are    oriented
  • » Post that all bottles are re-inverted for conveying to next machine
  • » Difference in neck diameter and bottle diameter of the bottle is important for the operation


  • » 415V, 3-phase, 50hz electric supply
  • » Electric load:- 5HP
  • » Special CAM Design instead of RODs for Bottle handling during inversion-reinversion process
  • » Air rinsing online with ionised air
  • » Production counter
  • » PLC-HMI touch screen
  • » To Orient Plastic bottles
  • » Bottle Dia :-30-100mm
  • » Bottle height:-50-150mm